Luca Musto




Following Luca Musto's last EP "Proper Preaching," which ended 2019 on a spiritual note, he returns in the new decade with his brand new release "Momentum."

In a genre marked by repetition, this four-track EP once again manages to fuse a variety of diverse musical elements into the larger framework of electronic music. While the "Momentum" EP features almost exclusively original recordings by Musto, such as the guitar in "Grindstone Gamblers" he also showcases the range of his cultural influences by using samples from different genres to express and evoke different emotions.

Merging elements such as the lively funk licks in "Hoppegarten" and "Fasullo Funk" with the melancholic honesty found in Blues, he creates a well-rounded blend of rhythmic sentiments.

The title track "Momentum" samples an interview by Tupac Shakur, in which he pushes back against the "gimme gimme gimme," "push push push" mentality and asks us to stop and refocus. Luca Musto's new EP invites the listener to do just that. To focus on the intricacies can make less feel like more, as each track builds up momentum in its own way.

Written, produced and mixed by Luca Musto

at Buschfunk Studios, Berlin.

Label: MUZO Creative

Release date: 27.03.2020


Proper Preaching


In late 2015, Luca Musto 's debut “Situations” first saw the light of day on Feines Tier. The EP was a whimsical fusion of his Hip-Hop roots with electric rhythms and mesmerizing boogie. Now, with his forthcoming third solo record “Proper Preaching”, he comes full circle.

Musto returns with a blend of handmade instrumental sound by his fellow musicians and that special dash of his notorious intricate groove. The record takes the listeners on a spiritual ride of revelations and hidden messages. Simultaneously, the four tracks deal with philosophical issues by telling stories of morality in “Lucy’s Intension,” the ambitions in “State of Grind” and “Lie To Me,” and finally faith in “Proper Preaching.”

All of this is merged together by the use of samples as well as Luca’s own recordings of words and atmospheres. Finally, the bigger picture is revealed, fueled by the eloquent subtext and the memory of the ones he lost.

"No matter how simple things look, when God is in it, no one can destroy it“

Can we get a witness?

Written, produced and mixed by Luca Musto

at Buschfunk Studios, Berlin.

Additional Guitars by Leo-Ebert Glang
Additional Cello by Benny Boginski

Label: Feines Tier
Catalog number: FT015
Worldwide Distribution:

Release date: 
26.04.2019 (vinyl)
10.05.2019 (digital & stream)


Parabel EP


The Magic Movement is very pleased to announce a new member to the Magic Family. Luca Musto is a long time friend and a very talented producer and DJ who's definitely no newbie in the scene.

"Parabel" is a concept EP in which he reflects the story of his provenance. Dipped in blues and marinated in Jazz, this release is a diverse journey in all the ways: 'Once Upon A Grind’ kicks off with a reflection of his father’s immigration from Italy to Germany. The strong groove of this moody gem reveals Luca's roots in Hip Hop, making heads bow without any trouble.

Next up is ‘Parabel’, a hypnotic slow-house jam, with rich textures and adjuring vocals which tells of new adventures on the road.

‘Let Me Down’ opens the B side with dense soundscapes, sprinkled with dreamy synths and strings, while Iorie closes the curtain with a dubby and striped down remix of the track on B2.

“Be Water' he said, this state is tremendous.

Written, produced and mixed by Luca Musto

at Bungalow Boogie Studios, Kempten.

Label: The Magic Movement
Catalog number: MAGIC09

Release date: 
09.03.2018 (vinyl & digital

Situations EP


Luca Musto is an enthusiast of soul, jazz and blues, his electronic music slow-house oozes of grooving beats and hypnotizing melodies. With Italian roots reflecting rhythms through spaces into a musical mirror, you might get ready to set up cozy, yet grounded atmospheres.

Whilst some quote to know him for years spinning musical projects all around the backyards of southern Germany, Luca’s vision of deeply impulsive ambiences moves on as the beat does. Not being in a rush with first releases in the schedule, his wide range of downlifting electronic vibes will be spread through several shows around Europe so far. One might be sure that this journey really just begun.

Written, produced and mixed by Luca Musto

at Bungalow Boogie Studios, Kempten.

Label: Feines Tier
Catalog number: FT004

Release date: 
04.11.2016 (vinyl & digital)